Need a website? Does your website need to be redesigned? Do you need to re-build an old web page? Let us help you. We do custom web page design and we'll make you a professional website at a low, affordable rate!website designing

Viva Web Design builds websites for individuals and small businesses. If you need a website but don't know how to go about it, we can help. We build websites that are easy for your visitors to use, and easy for you to maintain.

We provide services ranging from basic to more elaborate custom-designed websites that give you full control over updates of your content. For those on a small budget, a basic web site may be all that you need. You can also add more features to your website as required. For example, sound, video, Flash animation, custom logo design, e-commerce set-up, and more can be added to any custom-designed website upon request. We also provide custom graphic design for other elements of your website, scanning and enhancement of your photos and images, custom form mail, and database solutions. Note that because of the unique nature of each custom website, it is important for us to know your before we can provide a cost estimate. But we stand by our commitment to provide all the website features you need at an affordable price.

CMS allows you to update your website without any technical knowlege

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software system that is server-based. This means that each web page is stored in a database on a computer located elsewhere (the server); and can be added to, edited, or managed from any location at any time. One advantage of CMS is that web pages can modified and new content can be added, even when the user is away from the computer that would normally store the web site files. This enables the user, for example, to update their site while traveling or even while in a local coffee shop with wireless Internet access. More generally, using CMS can speed up website management by facilitating organization and on-line publication of large collections of materials including news articles, multimedia files, polls, forums, shopping carts, newsletters, etc. In other words, CMS increases the user's control over what content will be published and when. And it is not a difficult system to use. People with an average knowledge of word processing programs like Microsoft Word can create content easily without knowing HTML. If you are interested in making your pages come life in a dynamic website, CMS may be for you.